Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

It’s not mandatory to seek help of an immigration lawyer for a green card or immigration visa in the USA or overseas. An individual with a clean record – he or she has not been involved in any bitter argument with the immigration authorities or has committed no crime – can easily qualify for the sought-after benefits. In such a simple and straightforward case, hiring a lawyer is nothing but luxury. However, not all cases are so simple!

There are several situations where a lawyer’s intervention will make the difference between your receiving a visa or a green card and ending up making a fruitless effort. Not only that, a Los Angeles immigration attorney can save you a huge amount of legwork and most importantly, frustration that you can easily suffer after running from pillar to post. Immigration laws are insanely and frustratingly complicated.

The fact that it is run by a bureaucracy adds to its complexities by manifolds as the authority receives public scrutiny a few and far between. Shoot your glances at two of the most likely immigration-related situations.

If you are unable to figure out your options

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are an employee looking for a skilled worker or you are a skilled worker looking for employment. A worker can qualify for some types of green cards or multiple visas but it’s beyond one’s understanding what will work best or fastest for him or her. An immigration lawyer can help you – whether you are an employer or a worker –decide which visa will serve the employer’s requirements and fit the worker’s qualification and skill.

Similar issues might crop up in a wide diversity of visa situations including family-based type. Let’s think an engaged person wants to get a USA visa or green card. In that case, he or she has two choices – get married before coming to the USA (that will make the person entitled to a green card) on an immigrant visa or receiving a K-1 finance visa (that allows the person an entry into the USA to get married and then apply for a green card via a procedure commonly referred to as “adjustment of status”).

Which of these two options will work faster? That’s a pertinent and prime question. The answer is it is subject to the current procedure, processing time and government fees that keep changing from time to time.

If you are inadmissible

The ‘inadmissible’ tag leveled against you by USCIS or the consulate for one or many reasons is the commonest legal hurdle on your way to receive a visa. The issue arises if the would-be immigrant has any criminal record, lied to the US government or has any financial insecurity that might paint his or her action as a likely public charge. If beyond doubt, you are convinced that you are facing any of the situations, seeking help from a good immigration lawyer is one of the most sensible decisions you are going to make in your life.

Final Words

Even the simplest immigration applications require you to fill up forms and collect documents in support of your eligibility. Being a sane and sensible person, do you really think it is possible to proceed without a good lawyer by your side?

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