Why USA people are choosing European Baby Formula

You definitely have heard about European most popular baby formulas such as Holle or HiPP and you may wonder if they’re just trendy or really of such high quality. All formulas surely can’t be similar to each other. Anyway, you should know that not all kids’ food is made with high-quality ingredients.

Today European formulas have become so popular that more and more American parents decide on them and enthusiastically recommend neighbors, family, and friends. The question is why they become so commonly used among parents and if they are worth switching?

Why has European baby formula risen in popularity?

First of all, the European Commission has stricter standards for the ingredients in baby food so it is not allowed to include corn or rice syrup, fructose, and sucrose, or carrageenan. Secondly, most kids’ food produced in Europe contains 99% natural ingredients which do not cause any harm to infants. Thirdly, E.U. manufacturing standards are more advanced than those in America. Finally, baby products made by European standards are suitable for kids with different dietary issues.

Organic composition

Organic baby products come from ingredients that are grown without using pesticides, and herbicides. Holle formula, for example, are Demeter biodynamic certified – this means they come from biodynamic farms. So Holle takes care of ecosystem preservation and guarantees animal welfare.

Less likelihood of diabetes and obesity

Babies can naturally break down the key carbohydrate in breast milk thus preventing the pancreas from overworking. However, processed sweeteners make it harder to regulate sugar levels which also develop a sweet tooth later. Some scientists prove that this could lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, liver, and other diseases.

Tastes like breast milk

The main goal of baby kids manufacturers is to be as close to breast milk as possible. Unfortunately, American formulas have very little in common with breast milk because they are made with processed sweeteners, while in most European formulas there is whey, which makes it taste close to breast milk. In addition, breast milk is rich in prebiotics and probiotics, which are also in E.U. formulas.


Depending on the age of a kid, the amount of vitamins and minerals in the formula changes, so it is not recommended to feed the newborn with food intended for older children. Still, infant formula made in the USA usually is not separated into stages. Europe divides all formulas at least in 2 stages, in some cases into 3 and even 4. Stage 1 is for babies from birth to 6 months, stage 2 is for kids after 6 months to 1 year, stage 3 is made for kids after a year and stage 4 is designed usually from 18 months.

Easy online purchase and fast shipping

Sometimes the market shelves could have a lack of specific infant milk so online shops can come in handy. You can buy formula just in one click because European infant food production has increased rapidly due to the fact of their popularity. E.g. You can order baby formula across the globe, but you have to carefully select a reputable vendor.

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