Why Should You Buy General Insurance?

In the Indian insurance market space, along with life insurance, there are various categories of general insurance that you may want to take up for safeguarding yourself and your valuable assets. These insurance plans are well-conceived and designed to protect your valuable assets such as cars, homes, shipment, loans, and a plethora of other things. The non-life category insurance plans have their own specifications, terms and conditions, scope and tenure of coverage, etc.

Given below is a brief synopsis of the many advantages of buying general insurance and a peep into the right time for going about the act. Take a look.

Benefits of Buying General Insurance

General insurance serves to be a great option for securing your assets from any unfortunate event that may lead to financial losses. Be it car insurance, health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, marine insurance, or insurance coverage for the personal loans undertaken by you, there is no dearth of options to choose from. In order to protect your assets and get full value for them, it is essential that you buy general insurance online from insurance aggregator sites like

In most cases, general insurance plans are known to provide coverage for insurance benefits like theft, burglary, professional indemnity, and a lot more. Some of the main reasons for making investments in general insurance are given hereunder:

1. More Peace of Mind

By choosing general insurance online, you can look forward to getting more peace of mind with regards to the uncertainties and risks in your life. Say, you have chosen to buy home insurance that promises a sum assured in the event of any man-made or natural calamity taking place. You can be more relaxed with the idea that financial losses occurring because of fire, theft, terrorist activity, earthquake, flood or any other mis-happening will be covered by the insurance company as and when the eventuality takes place.

2. To Cover the Risks of Doing Business

While conducting business operations, your main motive should be linked to earning wealth rather than worrying about short circuits, any natural calamity, or other risks that may serve as a deterrent to your business profitability. General insurance plans would take care of the financial losses occurring because of such risks and mishaps; overall, by being insured, you can concentrate on your business activities in better ways.

3. Sound Coverage at Affordable Premiums

Paying regular general insurance premiums is akin to making savings for your future needs. These premiums come in handy at the time of accidents or misfortunes and help you get appropriate monetary coverage to ward off the problems on hand.

4. Coverage for Goods in Transit

Whether your insured goods are being transferred via air, rail, or road, they are protected against theft, damages in transit, or total loss resulting from any other event with the help of general insurance.

5. General Insurance and Hospital Bills

Then, there are several kinds of health insurance plans in the general insurance category that are helpful in taking care of your pre and post-hospitalization bills, treatment and diagnosis costs, and so forth. Once you have purchased a comprehensive health insurance plan online, you can get access to cashless medical facilities at networked hospitals in case of emergency or planned treatment alike.

6. Coverage for Vehicle Repairs

Car insurance and two-wheeler insurance plans help you cover your losses to a large extent in the event of any accident taking place on Indian roads. Along with protecting you from third-party liabilities incurring to people or property, you will also get add-on benefits for vehicle repairs, theft of vehicle accessories, No Claim Bonus, etc. as per the plan taken up by you.

When Should You Buy General Insurance?

It is recommended that you buy general insurance at the earliest rather than wait for some eventuality to come your way. In certain cases, general insurance becomes mandatory by law as in the case of third party liability auto insurance wherein you have to purchase the insurance plan as soon as you buy your vehicle.

Given this scenario, it can be underlined that the timing of the purchase of general insurance would depend on your purpose of getting insured and the foreseeable needs rather than anything else.

Way Forward

Log onto to get the general insurance coverage you need at the most affordable costs. You may want to check out the cost of buying general insurance by using various insurance comparison and premium calculation tools – go for it!

When it comes to purchasing a home insurance policy, homeowners strive to cover everything possible to ensure maximum safety. However, it is recommended that you obtain coverage for only what you require.

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