When should you hire an employment attorney? Find here!

Your office is supposed to be a fair and safe place. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is quite common. Employers do take action at times, which can harm an employee in different ways. If you have faced discrimination at work, or have suffered something more serious like sexual harassment, you should consider talking to an experienced Essex County employment attorney. Below are some situations when hiring an employment attorney is a wise step. 

Circumstances to consider

Contact a lawyer if – 

  1. You have faced discrimination based on race, sex, gender, color, or pregnancy. 
  2. You have been fired from the job for no apparent or unauthentic reason. 
  3. You have faced retaliatory action for filing a complaint. 
  4. You were injured at work
  5. You didn’t get the benefits under employment contract. 

How an employment attorney help?

The role of an employment attorney is to ensure that clients get all the support that they need to get justice. Depending on state and federal laws, you are entitled to rights, which must be upheld, and your lawyer will ensure that all the right steps are taken in that direction. For instance, in many states, you may get the benefits under workers’ compensation insurance after being injured at work, but cannot sue your employer directly. Your employment attorney is your first point of contact for knowing what can be done in a given matter. They will also handle the paperwork and ensure that negotiation, where possible, goes as smoothly as possible. There are situations when a matter may go to trial, and your employment attorney will represent you for that too. 

Finding an employment attorney

Note that an employment attorney may choose to work with both employers and employees, and you need someone who has worked extensively for employees. Ask around to find the top names in your area, and don’t shy away from asking for a personal meeting. Meet your attorney to know their expertise and experience better, and ensure that they have some idea of your situation and have handled similar cases in the past. If need be, ask for references, or check if the employment attorney or his office has good reviews online from other clients. As for the fee, it depends on the case, but some employment attorneys do work on a retainer basis or have a flat fee for selected services. 

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