What is Programmatic Television Advertising?

Every company works at its best to maximize profit. The profit margin dramatically depends on the sales the company in question makes. This explains why marketing is one of the critical aspects that no company can ever assume. Advertising is becoming an important marketing strategy.

Programmatic television advertising is slowly entering the marketing arena with a promising future. It refers to a programmed platform that enables different advertising campaigns to be aired during the broadcast. During the television broadcasting, the advert with the highest bid crops in. This means that a single ad campaign can exist on many television channels.

If you choose to do your marketing through this advertising strategy, you have to ensure that you have the best bid. The higher the bid, the more likely your advert is going to reach an enormous viewership. There is no magic when it comes to this method of advertising.

To explain it further, we can compare it with the internet or online advertisement. Have you ever seen the pop-up ads whenever you are connected to the internet? Well, I guess you never choose the ad to pop up as long as you allow the website cookies to play on. The pop-up ads depend on the traffic on a given website. This is what happens with programmatic advertising.

How it works

TV advertising is becoming the new norm in the marketing arena. If you haven’t given it a try, this is the time. But how does this work? Every TV buys an ad platform that is uniform to all television stations through programmatic technology. If you are interested in advertising your goods and services using this method, you are expected to bid on the TV impressions in real time. Depending on your bid value, you have to wait and see if your ad will go on air during the broadcasting.

It is a competition between advertisers. You, therefore, have to place a higher bid to maximize your chances of getting the airtime. Well, more than one ad can get advertised within the day’s broadcasting at different times. The highest bid gets real-time advertisement when more viewers are likely to tune in different TV stations. If your bid is too low, you can be unlucky to have your ad not get any airtime.

During your bidding, your personal information gets shared. For instance, your financial status, personal preferences, lifestyle, and any other information related to your advertisement are made available for tuning. This means that there is no manual selection by a television station on which ad to run. It goes automatically using programmatic technology. The good thing is that your ad is likely to get the best audience. For instance, if you are advertising a product or service in women’s beauty, your ad is expected to run alongside a program featuring women.


This method of advertising seems to be the best option. This is because your advert gets channeled to the best target audience. Your advert is not aired blindly. It means that you can experience better sales if your advert goes though. It is worth the cost even though it is more expensive than traditional advertisements.

Additionally, this advertising strategy reaches many audiences regardless of the television station that they are loyal to. A single bid will mean that your ad will run all though all the television stations in your country. You don’t have to move from one station to another to sign an advertisement contract as you pay for every station. From this angle, the programmatic advertising is worth the cost.

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