Things to Know When Buying a Recycling Baler

What is a baler?

A recycling baler is used to crush and condense recyclable materials. It is an extremely strong piece of machinery. It uses hydraulics to push, and compact big materials, into small, more manageable pieces of recyclables. When it is full, wires are wrapped around the bundle, and taken to outside storage, for pickup, by the recycling company. This frees up space and enables you to put more merchandise, in a smaller area.

Who uses balers?

Many companies of all sizes use balers. It all depends on the needs of the particular company. Do they get lots of merchandise in boxes? Another question is the area of storage for empty boxes. Big box companies, as well as department stores, and grocers use balers. They are stored in the receiving rooms, which does not have much space, due to stock. Boxes are quickly broken down and put into the baler. It is also cost-effective, as filling up a dumpster and having it hauled away weekly can add up to hefty fees, especially if the company has to have it twice weekly.

How to know what size baler you need.

The size baler you will need, depends on how big your company is, and what you are recycling. There are simple, ones, and also complex ones. There is also the matter, of what you are recycling. For a more concise idea of what you need, it is a good idea to do some research. You can also call your local waste management company for information.

What sizes do balers come in?

Mini balers are small, make bales about 9 cubic feet. These can weigh anywhere from 65-110 pounds, depending on the material added. These are relatively lightweight and can be moved around easily, on castors. A mid-size, generally used by convenience stores, can produce 10-212 cubic feet bundles, which weigh up to 250 pounds. The balers gradually increase in size and ability, to handle greater bundles. Again, it all depends on the size and need of the company.

What type of balers are available?

There are many different types of balers. There are basic ones, which just have a door that you open and throw cardboard, and just three buttons, start, stop, and emergency stop. These you will have to insert the wires in for it to bundle, and tie, and you physically put in on pallet jack to roll out. These types used, advance as the need calls for. There are computerized ones, and also those which have conveyor belts. The ones with conveyor belts are used for industrial uses, as these are continuously fed units.

Who sells industrial strength recycling balers?

Excel Manufacturing, which is based in St. Charles, Minnesota, sells industrial strength balers. They have been in business for over 25 years. Excel has over 5000 installations, throughout 70 different countries, worldwide. They have an impeccable reputation for quality equipment, as well as great service, and parts supplies.

What does Excel sell?

Excels manufactures, and sells, eleven different balers that have four different classifications, according to size, and need. They also sell conveyors, which can be used above or inground. They also have dump carts as well. Parts are also available for replacement or added features to an existing baler. If your unit needs servicing, to cover a warranty, Excel is there. Not only do they manufacture and sell balers, but they also offer financing to ensure you get what you need, quickly. Look no further, and call Excel today!

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