The types of blazers you should buy this season

Don’t let the hot summer discourage you from layering with a blazer – there are some seriously cool options out there you’re missing out on!

Have you ever flicked through the pages of a fashion magazine and wondered if you should buy a blazer for yourself? You may even have bought blazers, but then relegated them to the back of your cabinet because you’re not on board with the whole layering trend.

But it is summer and it’s the time to step out in style. You have to admit that blazers make a man appear twice as chic as he already is. If you’re looking to up your style quotient this season, it’s time to stock up on the most flamboyant casual blazers for men, such as –

* Self printed blazers. Blazers are always a cool option to lift the appearance of the most boring ensemble. This season, designers have gone one up on casual blazers for men, by introducing never-seen-before motifs and patterns. A good example is the self-printed blazer trend. This blazer features a small motif like a club, flower or diamond printed all over the blazer against a neutral ground colour like grey or beige. It is the best option for the times you go to the club or for a date night or even for a cocktail party with friends.

* Mismatched sleeves. This is a great new style that will get you instantly noticed wherever you go. You may have a few blazers in your wardrobe, but have you got one with mismatched sleeves? If you don’t, now is the time to buy it. But this style is a bit of a tricky one to pull off. For starters, you need to strike a balance between the colour of the sleeves and your trousers – you don’t want to match them perfectly, but they must belong to the same colour family. Two, the mismatched sleeves direct attention to the arms and shoulders, and both should be in top shape to really rock this casual blazer for men. Third, the fit of this blazer must be absolutely spot on. It does not look as great as it should if it is too tight or too loose.

* Checked blazers. This is a seriously cool style, devised to up your ensemble to movie star level. This men’s casual blazer features wide but slim checks, often in a sharply contrasting colour to the blazer’s original hue. But make sure to wear this kind of blazer only if you are slightly on the skinny side, because it focuses attention on the torso. Wear this blazer with a V-necked cotton T-shirt. Pair it with skinny cotton trousers, a pair of white sneakers and a pair of Aviator sunglasses. There, you could give every guy out there a big run for his money!

* Non-cotton, uber stylish. You might be a little tired of seeing the same patterns and fabrics in blazers – and we don’t blame you. Most blazers out there are crafted from cotton, and they require some careful maintenance to be able to retain their shape. So why not try other options that leading fashion sites are offering? Look up blazers in velvet and linen this summer. Colours like plum, maroon, royal blue and sea green are popular options.

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