The Importance Of Website Design

With nearly every business having a website, it’s not enough to have a great business model, excellent customer service, a strong marketing plan, and engaging content when everyone has all of those boxes checked and also has a great looking website.

Here are 4 Reasons Website Design is Important

Improved User Experience

Websites with concise written and visual content provide an experience that is easy on the eyes. The content is can be quickly consumed causing visitors to stay on the page longer and read the full article or webpage.

Pages with lots of clutter, poor color choice, and an outdated layout have incredibly high bounce rates. In many cases, websites with poor design have a longer load time.

The loading time of a page is one of the key metrics that determine how long people stick around on any given site. If people can find similar content or services to yours on a different website that loads faster and looks better, they will stick with them.

Search Engine Optimization is King

Unless your website was very recently created, there is a good chance that your On-Page SEO and current website layout can use a tune-up.

Optimizing headings, subheadings, images, and your title tags not only makes your website look beautiful which helps you convey your message, but it also helps SEO.

Google knows which sites have high bounce rates. There are many reasons to people will bounce but most of the time the poor design will trump good content or services.

Google also knows if some came to your site, found a solution or made a purchase, and never searched for other companies.

If you have a poorly designed website people will assume your services or business practices are outdated as well. So search engines can not risk their reputation by sending people to websites that no one likes.

Your Competition’s Website Looks Great

While there are millions of websites severely in need of an upgrade to their current web design, but I guarantee you that your immediate competition won’t make this mistake. Neither will top companies in your field.

It’s not enough to have a great design, that prominently features your brand’s colors and logo, but it needs to be altered as time goes passes. This will ensure your website is always modern.

Minimalist designs are preferable at the moment, but who knows if it will always be that way. You should browse as many of your competitors’ websites as possible and you’ll start to see correlations between design quality revenue.

Then duplicate what looks the best and does the best or hire a web design agency that knows what is in style.

If you searched for a web design agency Chicago has many of them, but the ones who rank the highest probably has the best design and a great portfolio.

You Have One Chance to Make A Good Impression

Your website could be the first point of contact you have with customers. People will judge your business In the first few seconds, so you need to quickly make a positive impact on your audience.

Poor page speed, clunky navigation, and lack of mobile optimization will cause many people to leave your website and lower their opinion of their business.

A really bad website can even ruin a business. Making a good impression can lead to sales because a person might return your website because they remembered it was a great one. But average looking websites are very forgettable.


Providing a great user experience, improving brand reputation, SEO, conversion rates and even trust are all reasons web site design is so important.

Many people take their business online to make money and gain more customers, but a poor website can have the attract the opposite effect. It can result in bad reviews, high bounce rate and money wasting on fixing the problem that could be spent elsewhere.

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