Due to the continuing advancement of our digital technology, watching movies or ซีรีย์ฝรั่ง online has become a common and the most popular practice thru the utilization of internet. The popularity has risen at its peak due to the plenty of advantages online streaming can give. However, despite being beneficial to the public, there are still certain cases of downturns when it comes to streaming movies online.

Advantages of Online Movie Streaming

  • Unlike movie theatres where there is an opening and closing time, online streaming sites offer free movie watching for 24/7. This is actually one of its best advantages since there is no need to rush and to worry because time is not your boss.
  • Watching movies alone allows you to solely focus on the plot of the movie. There are no distractions so you can enjoy and easily understand the storyline hence gaining the best experience.
  • Another benefit of watching movies online is that you can pause and take a break when you need to. There is nothing to worry about going to CR or getting something to eat or doing some errands because you can freely pause and unpause the movies anytime.
  • Online streaming gives you as well the advantage of saving up storage in your disc space. A single movie can take up a minimum of 2GB of your hard disc so watching it online allows you to spare this amount of space.
  • Most online streaming sites are free! Unlike traditional movie watching where you still need to purchase a ticket for a cinema movie or buy a DVD or VCD of the movie you want to watch, online movie streaming gives you the best experience that is free of charge!
  • You can watch unlimited movies and TV series offered by any streaming sites. There are a lot of genres and and movie contents available. You can also re-watch your favorite picks any time sooner or later.

Disadvantages of Online Movie Streaming

  • Most free streaming sites have infringement of copyright laws hence they will likely to vanish over time. These sites mainly host a pirated content so most of it are against cyber laws which are to be reported thus will expire.
  • Security is also a main issue in most online streaming sites because there are a lot of clickbaits that these sites would provoke you to commit. That is why you should be aware of the pop-ups and advertisements since most of it are linked with third-party sites that contains viruses and malwares which will make your system vulnerable.
  • High definition movies will take a huge amount of your internet connection speed as well as your data usage. This will surely result to a high data consumption billing.
  • Most online movie sites only allow you to watch movies free of charge once you register as their member. Signing up is mandatory hence you are required to provide your personal information just to be able to stream online movies for free.

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