Stairlift Rental in Kidderminster: A Guide

If you are enjoying your retirement and are thinking of installing a stairlift, there are several options. Many UK homeowners prefer to rent rather than purchase, which might be due to a plan to relocate to a warmer climate and in this short article, we outline the process of stairlift rental.

How do I find a stairlift supplier?

Google can find stairlift rental in Kidderminster in less than a second and once on the supplier’s website, you can book a home visit. This is important as the technician needs to survey the staircase and design the unit to fit perfectly, which allows the technician to quote a monthly rental cost.

Installation survey

Shortly after coming to an agreement, the supplier sends a surveyor to your home in order to take precise measurements for the stairlift fabrication. The surveyor takes this data to the factory, where the design is put together and the sections are fabricated.

Installation date

It might be a week or two before the customer’s installation date arrives and the team can install the unit in a single day. Once the unit is installed and configured, the customer is shown how to operate the stairlift using a small remote control unit.

Stairlift removal

Once the rental duration has expired, the team return to dismantle the stairlift, making good so no one would ever know a stairlift was even installed in your home. Should you ever be in further need of a stairlift, you know who to contact.

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