Personal Injury Law – What Types of Injuries It Covers

Personal injury law is applicable in any injury if an individual sustains it due to someone else’s negligent, reckless or intentional action, or by the kind of behavior covered by stringent liability. Some most common causes of personal injury that allow you to exercise your legal rights to recover damages include:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Police Misconduct
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Dram Shop (Alcohol) Liability
  • Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Slip/Trip& Fall (Liquids, Snow and Ice)
  • Slip/Trip & Fall (Unsafe Conditions on Property) Other Than Liquids, Snow and Ice
  • False Accusations—Defamation of Character by Libel or Slander
  • Assault
  • Battery

Personal injury laws cover any situation involving any of the following occurrences:

  • Physical, Mental or Reputational Injury: A person sustains a physical or mental injury and/or any damage to his or her reputation.
  • Wrongfully Caused: In the eyes of law, the injury is wrongfully caused by another individual or another entity (for example, a municipality or corporation). If you have sustained an injury, the law will ask if the individual, who caused you harm, had a “duty” to take care that nothing wrong would happen to you. Wrongful conduct may occur at different levels, leading to liability subject to circumstances.
  • Negligence: After you bring allegation against a person for your injury, you are required to provide solid evidences that he or she was negligent in his or her action and that caused you harm. Negligence is a different way to say “carelessness”, or lack of adopting the ordinary or necessary care or consideration.
  • Special Situations (Recklessness):Recklessness, in some cases, causes personal injury. In particular cases, the injuries may be inflicted by firefighters or police reaching the emergency situations. The immediate question asked by law is if the officer’s behavior was reckless or if he or she ignored your safety.
  • Intentional Injurious Acts: The intentional acts allow you – the victim–to combine your injury with someone else’s intention to claim for compensation recovery.
  • Defective or Dangerous Products: Some injuries result from use of defective or dangerous products. These manufacturers or sellers fails to fulfill a “duty” to launch or sell non-defective products. In such cases, personal injury laws never seek wrongful behavior but assume responsibility based on the fact that an individual suffered an injury after using the product.
  • Compensable Damages: An individual won’t be able to receive compensation for other negligible injuries (for example, a small cut on your finger).

An injured person is entitled to recover for his or her damages if any of the above-listed factors caused the injury. Damages, here, refer to a variety of bitter consequence including, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and constant worry about quick and full recovery.

As laws allow you to seek compensation for your injury that was caused by someone’s negligent or intentional action, consult a Rochester personal injury lawyer to decide and draft the next course of action. Only an experienced lawyer has knowledge and skill to assess the merits in your personal injury case and present the details and documents in such a way that will help you recover damages up to your expectations.

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