Navigating Marital Issues With Taragh Bracken


The second one partner leaves the home due to an awful argument or an encounter with damaging news for the marriage, Taragh Bracken can expect a file for divorce only a few short months following the issue. It’s a rollercoaster event that her firm has seen way too many times. One partner decides to sleep in a different room altogether or leave the home, and communication is at the bare minimum.

Perhaps one member of the family is taking sides with the intention of breaking up the family on their own volition. As long as there is one intermediary who will take the lead and help their parents calmly discuss the issue, then there is saving to be had.

Don’t Escape The Fight

Escaping the fight is not going to get you anywhere. It will only rile up each partners’ blood, proving the failure of commitment and openness. In Bracken’s legal expertise, she has found that the best way to fix a marriage that is eclipsing deep into the sea is to put your feet into the others’ shoes. When push comes to shove, each partner must consider the thinking process of the other. When you’re riled up, fighting and angry at each other, or sending each other threatening messages, then communication cannot be fiercely fostered. Fear of the unknown, of the potential betrayals that the other individual did against their back, of the unwillingness to commit to the lifetime of challenges they agreed to take on together. Instead of asking them straight up as to why or what they fear, contemplate it in your mind. Understand the intentions they have, and if they’re good then warm up to the thought of giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Listen with Courtesy

When a couple is in the heat of a fight, it’s almost like there’s an invisible wall between both people. This may even occur in the attorney’s office, as the various associates at Taragh Bracken Law Firm have been privy to before. They will yell and stand their ground, not even listening or slowing down when the other party is speaking up. When people begin to listen to each other’s thoughts, the blow will lessen as the other feels validated to speak.

You Didn’t Marry To Run

When difficult conversations and situations arise, the marriage shouldn’t be so feeble that it is immediately torn apart. Honor the commitment you two have made decades or years prior, and recognize that difficult times only enrich a marriage and allow you to work together to find a peaceful stalemate. Ask each other “what can I do to re-gain your trust or re-ignite the love you have for me?” And do something to ameliorate the current state of the marriage. Another great question is “What do you wish for our future, and what steps can we take now to get there?” Take strides towards regained strength and re-imagine the love you two have for each other.

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