Methods that will help you quit smoking shisha

A hookah is a particular type of apparatus that is typically used to smoke tobacco. Though the tobacco is differently smoked than a cigarette, it does not necessarily mean that a hookah is safer than cigarette smoking.

Hookah smoking may probably cause the shisha smoker to inhale more tobacco smoke than that of what they would have inhaled if they had decided to smoke a cigarette since a hubble bubble smoking sessions, also referred to as shisha, goza, or hookah smoking lasts approximately an hour which is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarette in a single go during that one-hour smoking session.

If you are a shisha smoker, here are some of the methods you can use to help you quit this habit, which only negatively impacts your life.

1 Deciding to Quit Hookah Smoking

  • Make a list of reasons you’re quitting: In this method, you will be required to make a list of reasons as to why you are deciding to quit shisha smoking.Ensure that you carry the inventory with you as sometimes you might need a reminder as to why you are making this decision to quit smoking shisha. Pull out this list each time you are tempted to smoke shisha. Some of the reasons you may consider quitting hookah smoking may include wanting to feel better about yourself, health benefits, tired of always smelling like smoke,  setting a good example to both your friends and the people who look up to you, wanting to stop wasting money.
  • Decide how to quit.: You can either shisha smoking by stopping cold turkey or by gradually cutting back. The method of stopping cold turkey may not always work for everybody as quitting once is a very challenging thing to do, especially for those who have tried to quit shisha smoking before and found themselves falling. Instead, a better alternative is to gradually cut back on the amount of shisha they smoke and avoid as much as possible going to Tabak Sale. Each day or each week, smokeless and less shisha. Choose the best option that will help you quit smoking shisha; if you decide to go with cold turkey and find it challenging, then it is best to opt for the gradual cutting back option.
  • Choose a quit day. Commit quitting shisha smoking by deciding a specific day you want to stop smoking. Ensure that you at least make the quitting date within the next two days. Chose a day when you are available and have nothing to do so that you can focus solely on quitting shisha smoking. A day like Sunday is ideal since most of the week, you are probably engaged in something, and Sunday is the day that indicates the beginning of the week.
  • Refrain from going to hookah bars. Since you aim to cleanse your body from all the tobacco from shisha, which is harmful to your health, you need to stop going to hookah cafes. This is because going to these places will put you in the temptation of going back to shisha smoking. Also, in hookah cafes and bars, you will be inhaling the smoke in a second-hand manner, which will definitely not help your attempt to quit shisha smoking. Instead of going to hookah bars, go to other places where smoking is not permitted, like movies, library, and museums

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