Maruti Suzuki Celerio vs. Celerio X

In as much everyone fancy rocking the streets with elegant cars that catch every passerby, there will always be the budget constraint. Well if money wasn’t an issue, then lavish lifestyle is all individuals crave and yearn for recently. The same way Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Celerio X have some differences and price is critical among them. Likewise, there are a few features that are common in both models. Let’s have an in-depth look at a comparison between the two cars to make the right decision next time you make a stop at any dealer’s shop.

Similarities between Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Celerio X

These two models are quite similar in some aspects. Both engines have a displacement of 998cc, three cylinders, engine power of 67 bhp@6000 rpm and are four-wheel drive enabled. Regarding dimensions both have a wheelbase of 2425mm, ground clearance of 165mm, 235L boot space, gross weight of 1250kg, a rear track of 1410mm, a minimum turning radius of 4.7m, five doors and a seating capacity of 5.

The transmission is also the same as they both have a maximum of 5 gears each. The tyres for Celerio and Celerio X are tubeless and are easily replaceable in the garage. The braking system is marched evenly as both models use a ventilated disc for the front brake type and drum for the rear one. Something that is always of concern to many people who want to buy any car is the fuel tank capacity and for both Celerio and Celerio X is at 35.0ltrs.


Maruti Suzuki launched Celerio X which is a version of Celerio and is based on the facelift of the regular hatchback that was launched in 2017. Here are some differences between the two.

It is evident that the rates differ as Celerio X is more or less improvement to Celerio and as such it costs Rs. 4.63 lakh which is higher compared to Celerio’s Rs. 4.21 lakh. Other noticeable differences include the fact that Maruti Suzuki Celerio is available in LXI and LXI (O) variants whereas Celerio X is the only model.

In the case of Celerio, there is a dual-tone black and beige interior theme while Celerio X usually comes with a cabin that is all-black. It is mainly the appearance we refer to and is easy to distinguish between the two by just checking the color of each model. Also, the Celerio X rear has a faux silver plate and reflectors as well as the Celerio the only difference being the cladding.

The invention of the new Maruti Suzuki Celerio X is to improve your driving experience and enjoy each moment of it with utmost safety. It also makes driving a whole lot easier. However, if you are stuck between choosing one of the two models, it is recommendable that you take time to go through all the feature of both models and pick one that is more convenient. When making a long-term investment, you should be in no hurry as it is always good to get it right the first time.

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