London Sex Contacts Revealed: What Science Has to Say About Your Casual Encounter

Online dating and casual encounters are becoming more and more common and accepted in society, but we wanted to know exactly what these hookups mean to us from a scientific perspective.

Casual sex contacts, and their effect on a person, is a contentious subject at its best. Some believe that the continued acceptance of casual sex in our society is proving to be the downfall of humanity. Others take a more historical perspective, noting that casual sex has been occurring for years throughout many different cultures. Some tend to shrug, not thinking about the issue at all. With these mixed reviews, one might be surprised that, when viewed from a scientific perspective, intuition into casual sex contacts seem to get the same mixed response. Science has yet to pin down exactly how it’s decided that casual sex affects a person.

We looked into the psychological, biological, and medical insights into casual London sex contacts and the effects they have on the person. Here is what we found.

Sexual biology

While we’re all aware of how *ahem* inserting tab B into slot A is the physiological “magic” behind reproduction, few understand exactly what’s involved in a human biological sex drive. Some scientists argue that the emotional response to sexuality is a large mitigating factor, but most scientists agree that it is perfectly human to be horny. The hypothalamus is one of the largest instigators of hormonal sexual drive in the brain. That being said, sexuality in human beings goes well passed just the biological and hormonal determinants of sex drive. Genes, conditioning, sexual orientation, emotions, preferences, cultural influence, and cognitive process all influence sexual drive and behavior in humans. These aspects, in turn, are also dictated by experience, environment, and specific physiologies. So “sex drive” may well be something we all have, and biology does dictate that we are literally built to have sex, it does not, in any way, specify how often one should engage in sexual activity or how best to do it.

It’s a mixed bag

While some studies suggest that casual sex can be detrimental to a person’s overall emotional wellbeing, others suggest a more beneficial result. When sample populations were asked to make clear definitions about their motivations behind engaging in casual sex (i.e. they wanted to have it vs. being drunk or exacting revenge), psychological researchers found that engaging in casual sex, or seeking out casual sex contacts, actually improved the overall emotional wellbeing of the individual, increasing confidence and decreasing general stress levels.

Emotional effect doesn’t vary between genders

That’s right. The ladies were found to be just as emotionally actualized from engaging with casual London sex contacts as the men were. Where it was once reasoned that women would be more negatively affected by casual sex because of potential negative consequences like social shaming or pregnancy, new evidence suggests that this is simply not true. Women are less likely to engage in casual sex than men, but for those that do eagerly enage, they are not worse off emotionally.

Engaging with London casual sex contacts can actually improve responsibility

Some recent material suggests that engaging with persons who are open and honest about their desire for a casual encounter can actually improve the sexual responsibility of both parties. London casual sex contacts can be found through a number of websites and dating apps, such as Tinder, Blendr, Grindr, and many more you may not have heard of. Scientists believe that these websites actually improve the responsibility that contacts feel and could serve to decrease STD/STI rates in London. With a more open and honest platform to begin with, people are more apt to take necessary precautions when engaging in casual sex. Knowing that the encounter is fleeting before engaging in sex, makes most people think twice about possible risk of infection. It also becomes part of the discussion early. While engaging with London sex contacts, with the goal of having casual sex, people are less likely to be chemically altered at the time of arrangement. It also takes the rush and uncertainty out of the connection, meaning that both parties have time to prepare and know that when they meet, there is a high likelihood of a sexual encounter.

Ultimately? Sex is an incredibly individual and personal experience, and receiving what we hope to, in terms of sexual engagement, is also personal and varies greatly from person to person. The only solid conclusions that we could come up with are that if you do plan on engaging with a casual London sex contact: More power to you, keep it safe, be honest, and make sure that, emotionally, you are both giving and receiving what is healthiest for you and your intended partner.

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