Keep Your Clothes Sparkling Clean by choosing the Right Washing Machine

Choosing the right type of washing machine can help us in the long run.

Understanding the Different Types of Washing Machines

When you enter a showroom, you will be amazed with the different options available in washing machines. You need to first understand the type of washing machine that will best suit your household.

You cannot invest in a big size machine, if you have a small room as it will consume a lot of space. If you live in Quebec and have a passion for learning French, then you can ask around for laveuse (washer) showrooms in your area.

Common Types of Washing Machines

Now, before you make a purchasing decision, let us look at the different types of washing machine available:

  • Front Load
  • Top Load

In front load washers, clothes need to be loaded and unloaded from the front. These washers make use of gravity, rather than agitators or impellers to wash clothes.

Some of the benefits of front load washers include:

  • They have a much longer wash cycle
  • They have larger capacities making it easier to wash heavier clothes
  • They make use of less water and detergents
  • These are convenient for small spaces
  • It has a shorter drying time due to higher spin speeds

Some of the cons include:

  • It is expensive
  • The tub can develop musty odours
  • You might not be able to add or remove clothes during mid cycle

Top load washers on the other hand need to be loaded and unloaded from the top. These come with an agitators or impellers that help in moving the clothes inside the tub. Top load washers can be of two types:

  • Semi automatic – This requires manual intervention and allows you to control the water flow in your wash cycle
  • Fully automatic – The entire wash cycle can be completed with a touch of a button

Some of the benefits of top load machines include:

  • It is easier to load and unload clothes
  • You can add and remove clothes mid cycle
  • It has less vibration
  • It is economical
  • No musty odors and comes with shorter wash cycles

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • It is harsher on clothes
  • Has a lesser capacity

Many people prefer to go in for High Efficiency (HE) top load machines. These machines do not come with agitators making it easier to wash bulkier clothes.


No matter which washing machine you purchase, ensure that you read the reviews and ratings shared by customers. Ensure that you check all the features and specifications of the machine before you make a purchasing decision.

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