Interviewing a London Escort

What does the average working day really look like for London escorts? Deny it all you like, but chances are you’re just as curious as everyone else!

We all know the escort industry exists and have at least a fair idea of how it works. But when it comes to the working likes of real London escorts, most don’t have even the faintest idea.

So for those interested in learning a little more as to how things really go down…no pun intended…we fired a bunch of questions at a successful escort, currently working at the heart of the capital:

When and why did you become an escort in London?

I started working as an escort when I was 19, after spending about a year doing webcam modelling. I enjoyed providing webcam performances so much that I figured I’d get even more enjoyment out of escorting. It was a pretty big step, don’t get me wrong, but it was also unbelievably exciting. Of course I was interested in the money too, but mostly it was a case of curiosity combined with my enjoyment of entertaining men.

How do you organise meetings?

I work with an agency that takes care of most things on my behalf. They provide me with offers and requests from clients and let me choose which I’m interested in. There’s a huge amount of freedom and zero pressure, which I really enjoy.

Have you ever fallen for one of your clients?

(Laughs) Are you kidding me? All the time! I meet some of the most fantastic guys you can imagine and a lot of them come back to me on a regular basis. When you’ve been spending the most amazing time with an amazing guy for weeks or even months, you can’t help but develop feelings for them. The same in reverse. But you both know it’s only a job, which I suppose is what makes it so exciting – the forbidden thing.

Do your clients send your gifts?

If you saw my apartment, you wouldn’t have to ask! I’ve got the weirdest collection of random crap you could ever imagine. I receive things like flowers, teddy bears and sexy lingerie from clients pretty much on a weekly basis. One of my wealthier clients once bought me a seriously expensive watch and I’ve also been tipped more than £1,000 on countless occasions. Some of the gifts they buy me are more tasteful than others, but yes – there’s no shortage of freebies.

What does your average day look like?

Average day? Never had one! Every single day is completely different. I usually have to spend a fair amount of time organising my online profile, considering offers from clients, getting my hair and nails done etc. Most assume working as an escort is all about wall to wall meetings – it isn’t! Most of your time is spent on prep, if you can call it that. On the days I meet clients, I need to know in advance exactly how long they expect me to stick around, where I need to be, what I need to wear and so on. So like I said, actually spend more of my time planning than doing anything else.

What do you wear for meetings?

Discretion is one of the most important aspects of the services we provide. If we look even remotely like the stereotypical sex worker, it’s game over. The idea being that until you’re safely behind closed doors, you wouldn’t be able to spot an escort if she walked up to you and slapped you in the face! We have to dress down and look as discreet as possible, at least until there’s privacy.

Does it bother you when your clients are married?

Nope. Why would it? I don’t know them, I don’t know their partners and unless they choose to tell me, I don’t know their stories, either. I have no loyalty or obligations to anyone other than myself and those who come to me for the services I provide. If anyone is doing anything wrong, it’s the clients I work with – why should I feel guilty about that? If they didn’t come to me, they’d get whatever it is they need elsewhere anyway!

What’s next after working as an escort?

I never plan that far ahead. It’s not like I’d been planning to become an escort in the first place, it just happened. In my experience, most escorts have every intention of stacking up a decent amount of money and retiring early.  Definitely earlier than would be possible with a normal job. The way things are going, I should be able to quit in my 30s and live quite happily off my savings.  If I can resist the temptation to spend it all before then – saving money has never been a strong point of mine!

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