How to Wash Your Hair in Preparation for a Hair Follicle Drug Test

It is scary to realize that you have been scheduled for a hair follicle drug test, probably as a last step before gaining employment in an organization. Employers may request for the test to be done at any time by their staff. Studies have shown that hair drug testing is method of monitoring drug use in vulnerable individuals, next to self-reporting. Many drug users have researched ways to beat this type of test in order to safeguard their future. This article will discuss proper washing of your hair as a way to scale through.

Many individuals like you share the same concern. You have to take a plan of action like some have done in the past to ensure they passed the test. Washing your hair the wrong way, dyeing it or using styling products will not have any effect on the accuracy of the test. This is why it is necessary to know an effective and efficient method. The first thing you need to do is to understand all that a hair follicle drug test entails.

What is a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

You can refer to this test simply as a hair drug test (omitting the word “follicle”). It involves screening people for illegal drug use and abuse of prescription medication. The test requires the removal of some strands of hair from your head with the use of objects like scissors. The samples will then be tested for evidence of drug use in a laboratory.

The test can be used to find proof of drug use for the past three months, unlike urine drug tests that can only reveal drug use in the last few days. This is a fact because substances present in the bloodstream will end up becoming part of the hair cells during growth. Hair follicle tests can reveal the use of substances such as: Ecstasy, cocaine, PCP, amphetamine, marijuana, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, 6-acetylmorphine and others. Read more about that here.

The Hair Follicle Test Procedure

Hair Follicle tests may be conducted in a laboratory or hospital. Your workplace may prefer to use a portable kit for the test and then get it sent to a laboratory. If the test is conducted at your workplace, the whole process will be well-supervised to ensure credibility.

Over a 100 strands of hair will be collected from different spots on the crown of your head. This is to avoid making a bald spot. If you have very little hair on your head, you may be asked to give up some body hair instead. The hair will be put in a foil which will be packaged in a secure envelope and then sent for overnight testing.

The Test Result

A negative result can be determined within a day after the test. An ELISA test is used for screening in order to determine if the sample is negative for illicit drug use. To determine if the hair sample is positive for illicit drug use requires a period of three days.

All positive tests need to go through a confirmatory test which is known as mass spectrometry or gas chromatography. This test can help to discover the use of specific drugs (over 16 drugs are detectable). It also curbs the emergence of false-positive results brought about by foods like hemp seeds and others.An inconclusive test result is uncommon. Improper testing procedures may result in the rejection of results. In such case, the test will have to be taken again. Results can reveal a pattern of regular drug use over the last three months.

Laboratories that handle these tests send results to the organizations or individuals concerned in various ways. Confidential means like phone call, email or other secure options can be used for delivering the results.

The hair follicle test follows a standard procedure for accuracy to be ensured. Testing involves washing of the hair to get rid of contaminants that can mar the results. Certain medications like prescription opioid painkillers may affect test outcomes.

Read more about that here:

Your employer may ask for a documentation of your prescriptions if this happens. It is advisable to ask for a repeat of the test if you feel that the result is inaccurate.

Sebum and sweat on your scalp are possible factors of drug presence in the strands of your hair. The rate of hair growth makes drug detection in the hair difficult until five to seven days after use. 

How to Wash Your Hair in Preparation for a Test

The first thing that should come to mind if you want to wash your hair the right way (in preparation for a hair follicle drug test) is a detox shampoo. This hair care product can effectively eliminate traces of substances from the hair follicle. However, you should be cautious when trying to obtain one because most brands are not able to completely cleanse the hair follicles.

Some products require you to use them as many times as possible after being notified of the upcoming test. There are detox shampoo brands that promise 99.9% product effectiveness. Browsing can help you make a choice. Some products even come with a purifier packet and/or conditioners.

Detox shampoos work on the outer layer of the hair which is called the hair cuticle. They penetrate the hair cuticle in order to reach the inner layer called the cortex. Shampoo ingredients cleanse traces of substances from the cortex and hair shaft. Some detox shampoos may have to be used in combination with other methods.

Washing your hair properly with detox shampoos is ideal for those that find it difficult to do without their habit for a long period of time. This is the most reliable method of removal of toxins from the hair, coupled with the fact that they are easy to use.

There are methods that have been utilized by others apart from hair washing. They are as follows:

  • Shaving of the hair
  • DYI Home Remedies
  • Use of detox medication
  • Abstinence

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