How to Make Preparation For Professional Floor Sanding?

If you are constructing or renovating your home, then sanding and coating the floors will be as critical as any other activities during this operation. Various works related to plastering, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and glazing must be completed before you can start working on the floor.

You can easily find a experienced professional for floor sanding and polishing activities from the website of FlooringDomain. The following are the few activities that you must do before you start the floor sanding operation.

1.    Plan ahead

You need to develop a checklist of various activities that need to be done during the process after consulting with the professionals. Also, it is necessary to prepare a certain schedule for how each activity will be controlled and monitored.

You must discuss with all relevant people so that you can get them according to your schedule. Make sure that your sanding contractors will start their work as scheduled.

2.    Remove all furniture and other items

You need to offer a clear space to the sanding professional before they arrive at the site. So, the first thing that you need to do is remove all your furniture and any other item that is covering the floor area must be removed so that the sanding professional may get clear space to start their work.

Also, remove any curtains or wrap them and secure them as high as possible.

3.    Protect the joints and baseboards of the walls

Many areas that are adjacent to your wood floor may receive damage if they are left unprotected from sanding. These areas are the baseboard of the walls. There is also a few sealing around your door that needs to be covered to limit any damage.

Cover all the joints of the wall with tape to prevent scuffing. If you have any light fittings, then use a plastic bag for covering these items.

4.    Keep sufficient ventilation

Ensure that the room must have enough ventilation so that professionals can do their job comfortably. The activities needed for sanding wooden floors take a little time and therefore you must make sure that all the fumes should go out and move completely away from the room.

Therefore, if the ventilation is better available, the work can be done faster and it can be cleaned and dried up. You must not allow the wood dust particles to mess around the surrounding while the work is in progress.

5.    Do a little pre-cleaning before every step

During the professional sanding process, pre-cleaning the floors is essential as after each stage, dust and dirt particles can accumulate. While professionals will also clean the area while sanding, but cleaning before they come can make their work much easier and faster.

6.    Do inspections and repairs

The last but not the least important thing to do is after professional floor sanding is done, you need to properly inspect the flooring by looking for any broken floorboards, popping nailheads, or bent nails.

Make sure that your floor is as flat as possible for avoiding any damage to equipment or cause injury to the people.

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