How To Eat Well

Eating Well In Order To Remain Healthy

Eating well is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to ageproperly. Within this section you will discover the main principles of nutrition, the basic nutritional requirements, how our body assimilates food, the benefits of a good diet, how to eat well in practice, how a consultation with a nutritionist and finally, how to exercise in this area. These are all very important principles that are adopted by individuals with busy lifestyles such as Nadine Gourkow.

 What To Do In Order To Eat Well The vast majority of food specialists, whether or not they are from the official community, agree on a number of principles that can serve as guides: ·

  • Maintaining a balanced diet: it is advisable to choose foods from the different food groups: vegetables and fruits (half of the plate), cereal products (quarter of the plate), meats and substitutes (l Another quarter), to which one will add a contribution of calcium, by consuming dairy products, for example. Thus, your meal will contain: a good dose of carbohydrates, enough protein and little fat.A varied diet: to reach the necessary range of nutrients and avoid deficiencies, you must not only consume every day food from each food group, but several foods in each group.
  • Fresh and good quality food: a fresh and local diet is recommended. Refined products and hydrogenated fats should be avoided. ·        Eating in reasonable quantities: Being overweight promotes the onset of many diseases and greatly reduces life expectancy. A slightly low-calorie (but nutrient-deficient) diet maintained over the long term may help prevent certain diseases and increase longevity. In addition, this makes it possible to limit the oxidization and to prevent foul body liquids. An example of an adjustment is to systematically reduce portions of high-calorie foods (pasta and rice, for example) by a quarter or a third and replace them with a nutritious and low-calorie food such as a vegetable.
  • A tasty diet: in the first place, it is the flavor that determines our food choices. If so many people give up a diet, it is because it does not give them pleasure. However, the high salt, sugar and fat content of processed foods seems to be more and more popular and is even becoming the norm for young people. Nadine would say to counterbalance the attraction of these “over-savored” foods, you have to buy healthy foods that you particularly enjoy and prepare them in a tasty way – using, among other things, herbs, many of which are good. source of nutrients.
  • Take your time to eat your food:  By taking your time and savoring every bite, mindfulness is an effective way to learn to rediscover the flavors of food, while reducing the proportions of foods absorbed during a meal.






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