Historic locations to visit when in Greece

The Mediterranean is one of the most historically and culturally significant areas in the world. Once home to great empires, ancient ruins and mythological gods, it is now frequented by the rich and famous and holidaymakers of all types. A luxury greek vacation or a sightseeing tour of Rome is all possible now due to the great history of these two countries, along with many others.

You can mix a luxury cruise with seeing some of the greatest sights of the ancient world, or you can simply lounge by the pool while a waiter hands you a cold drink. That is the beauty of the Mediterranean and what its countries have to offer. Here we are going to look at some of the sights which make Greece one of the most frequented countries in this region, visited by land sea and air Greece has some of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, loved by history buffs and sun-seekers equally. But it is its ancient marvels that we are interested in here, which can also be enjoyed in the sun for those of you worried about not getting that all-important summer tan.


More a location than a site, Athens like Rome has mixed its ancient past with the modern world, preserving and working around the ancient wonders which were the foundations of the city. The largest draws are the Acropolis which dominated the city for centuries along with other smaller but less important structures such as The Parthenon, the Agora, cape Souniou among others. It is truly a history buff dream location. You can simply wander the streets and discover yet another ancient ruin or building.

This is one location it is easy to get distracted by and forget about the rest of the country. These sites where the seat of power, commerce and trade in ancient Greece. Some such as the Agoda are partially used for the same purpose today but many are true historic gems marvelled by the many visitors to them. Places such as Cape Souniou contain the remnants of monuments to the gods worshipped at the time and which also have some of the best views of the sunset that the Mediterranean has to offer.


A location whose name you would definitely have heard of before. Not only is content with being the cradle of democracy, Greece was also home to the Olympic games. Olympia was one of the most important sites to the worship of the ancient god Zeus and it was here many came to worship, construct monuments to him and where the games began.

Within the area, you can see many of the remnants of the ancient games, monuments to Zeus and other gods and also the development of Greek society and culture. Beginning in 776b.c the games were held here to celebrate the body and soul of the individual and to thank the gods for everything they had done in Greek society. With some of the highest concentration of remnant, this is definitely a must-visit site for any history buff or lovers of sport, in general, to see how the games began and developed into the world celebrate that they are today.


A place of geological, historical and architectural amazement Meteora is similar to stepping into another world. Natural sandstone pillars which stretch upward of 1200 feet into the sky support a series of monasteries. 6 out of 24 which still stand today are still used by monks and nuns as places of worship. Th remaining six are located in the north-western edge of the Plain of Thessaly.

Built purposefully in a manner that would make access difficult, the areas are now open to thousands of visitors every year. Hiking among the formations and viewing the monasteries is the main touristic draw to this area and you will not be disappointed by what you discover. An enjoyable break from the Ancient Greek monuments and buildings this contrast will definitely not be forgotten on you, and thus highlights the strength the church also wielded in this area.

Rhodes Island:

Only a country such as Greece would have an entire island almost completely described as a living museum. Scattered throughout the island are monuments and temples dedicated to the god Apollo, there is also the Acropolis of Rhodes and Lindos. Once containing the colossus of Rhodes, considered one of the ancient wonders of the world, there is now no trace of the once mighty Rhodes statue.

In its place are the above-mentioned sights and many more museums containing relics from Greek history and the island of Rhodes itself. Apart from the outstanding cultural and historical sights Rhodes also has a famed nightlife that draws just as many visitors as the ancient sights on the island. With over 300 days of summer and stunning beaches, you could almost be forgiven for missing out of the historic sights on the island.

The old town of roads is one of the most famous medieval towns in Greece and draws many visitors to its centre, You would be mistaken for thinking you are in France or any number of mainland medieval towns, but ones lacking the outstanding weather of the island.

These historical locations can be easily aligned with any sort of luxury or budget holiday that you decide to go on. History and culture are what draws people to Greece and around this everything else have been developed to ensure you have the best time possible.

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