Get the rocking experience at Komodo

Horse Bay’s famous site is known as the black canopy and red crinoids named after the cannibal rock, where gigantic Komodo drops the thick part of the dragon space in the thick part of the space of the place (has a meal in its own way)

Because crinoids are a great place to test the neoprene glue-like skill, any contact and the entire ecosystem, you have found yourself in a hesitance – after taking a picture of the community once in a clutter lizardfish, you can see Crinoids is filled with shrimp, which is to find out below! You will quietly adjust them back to the rock Outside the tree is an attractive place, known for its soft coral, known as the great yellow wall of Komodo. Visibility here reminds the diving standards on the British coast, and the pagan animals have disappeared.

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