Divorce Attorneys – Some Pertinent Questions and Pragmatic Answers

Divorce cases are not a few and far between. In today’s world, the divorce cases are going up with every passing day and the number is notoriously warming. However, this write-up is not meant to offer a microscopic view of causes and consequence of divorce, but a guideline for how to find a good Galveston divorce attorney.

Spotting a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer having wealth of experience and success record is not as easy as often thought. In fact, divorced from the knowledge of must-have qualities in a lawyer, many end up working with someone not up to their task and trust. In this blog, we will guide you about what to look for in a divorce lawyer and how you can find a trustworthy specialist across the spectrum.

What Kind of Divorce Lawyer Do I Need?

 If you are planning a divorce, an experienced divorce lawyer is the right person and professional to find a good friend, philosopher and guide in. Divorce laws are a part of family law and a divorce attorney must be well-versed in this specific territory of law. That is why, a reputed criminal defence attorney is not the right person to approach as he or she lacks the skill and experience in family laws and practices.

Divorce is a complex issue and not any lawyer has the required special set of skills to come up with the best possible solution specific to your case. Only an eminent divorce lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of family laws and rules and knows the judges of the local court where the trial will be held.

Can both the couples share the same attorney?

 “NO” is the firm answer. According to the professional rules of conduct regulating lawyers’ roles and responsibilities, an attorney is not allowed to represent both the parties in a divorce. This is because, such an arrangement will give rise to a conflict of interest for the lawyers. Your needs and rights are likely to be just opposite to your spouse’s. Therefore, offering advice to both the couples goes against the professional ethics.

Though some couples prefer to approach a single attorney for divorce paperwork, the attorney actually works as a representative for one of the spouses. If your spouse has already hired a lawyer to prepare necessary paperwork or a settlement agreement, you should seek professional advice from your attorney before leaving your signature on the deal.

How to be sure if the lawyer is up to my work?

 Never be in such hurry that you end up with making a wrong choice. Shortlist a few prospective lawyers and met them individually in person. You can get those names from a lawyer you know well or you have worked with before. Gratuitous advice keeps on pouring from family and friends and supplies of some reputed names can be expected from those sources.

However, no matter who is recommending, make sure to check the lawyer’s profile and achievement to ensure if he or she is the right personality to safeguard your rights and interests in divorce cases.

It’s important for any client to feel comfortable and condiment while working with the lawyer. If your intuition suggests just opposite, don’t waste your time and explore other options to ensure that the lawyer’s demeanour, style of communication, argument and negotiation skill for out-of-court settlement are what give you confidence that he or she could be your Guardian Angel in the case.

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