Criterion to Check before Hiring a Pest Control Service Provider


Both landlords and renters can adopt a variety of preventive measures to keep pests at bay. We can also control pest infestation if the crisis has not come to a head. But if infestation is extensive, having a Rove Pest Control company step in will definitely present a number of benefits.

The tips on choosing pest control service are similar to what you follow for other types of services. Quality and Value – these are the basics. Competency and Cost matter the most; the rests are micro elements not to worry a lot. Most people are so focused on cost cutting that they often overlook misuse of pesticides that is a common issue and damages both health and property. Before hiring a pest control company, consider the following crucial points:

Do Some Homework


Most people want their pest-related problems addressed as soon as the problem is discovered. However, not all problems need such immediate action and so you have some time to choose a competent company that does not slap you with a hefty bill. Ask for estimates from several pest control companies. Most companies are willing to provide free estimates.

Ask the professionals from the pest control company some pertinent questions to figure out if it can satisfy you with the quality of service it offers.

How many years have you been in the industry?


Contact the Better Business Bureau, the State’s Attorney General’s Office, the EPA or the States Departments of Agriculture to make sure if any complaint has been lodged against the pest control company for misusing pesticides.

Would you give me a list of references?


Contacting several references is the best way to dig deeper and discover more information about the quality of service provided by the particular pest control center. If the majority of them are satisfied, working with the company will give you a peace of mind.

Do the pest eliminating professionals have a license to apply pesticides?


Each company, under the relevant laws, must have at least one licensed, certified pesticide applicator in their team of staff. Others must be licensed technicians or applicators who will work under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. You can contact the State Departments of Agriculture to verify the licenses of the technicians working in the company you are willing to hire.

Would you give me a copy of your license, labels for pesticides and the quantities at which these will be applied?


Trustworthy applicators will never show reluctance or dilly-dally in giving a proof of their credentials. They will always be ready to provide a hard copy of what you have asked for or send the sought-after documents via mails.

Beware of Dangers


Sometimes, it’s easy to identify the predators. Recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing so that you can avoid falling prey to them. Here are those you should give a wide berth to:

  • Offer pest control service as a part of their package deal that encapsulates home repair, tree cut or trimming etc.
  • Don’t have a working or listed contact number.
  • Engage in door-to-door sale of their service and usually target infirm or elderly persons living alone.
  • Coax you into signing a contract by stating that your house is structurally weak and so can collapse anytime if not treated.
  • Claim to provide excellence at a reduced price.

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