Clubbing Etiquette For Girls To Avoid The Common Errors

Nightclubs are live entertainment, where men and women go to have fun. Their definition of having fun can be one or a blend of some of these given below.

  • Listen to live music
  • Hang out with friends
  • Meet new people and hook up with someone they find interesting
  • Consume alcohol or substance
  • People watching
  • Dance

The main difference between girls and guys visiting night club is that the majority of guys aim to hook up, while a few girls have this purpose in mind.

No one overlooks the positive benefits of nightclubbing like –

  • Letting loose
  • Socializing
  • Venting off the steam
  • Enjoying the DJ
  • Exercise via dancing
  • Possibly find a potential partner [temporary]

Guys protocol for nightclubbing is found everywhere on the internet but what mistakes girls need to avoid are hardly available. Clubbing is meant for only a guy, is an age-old mentality. Today, even girls go clubbing, so there is a need to understand the common mistakes she makes. She follows all the fashion trends and beauty rituals to look sexy and attractive. Of course, it is crucial to look beautiful to grab attention but not at the cost of losing your cell phone or tripping on your heels. Below is some common clubbing etiquette for girls planning to go to the premier ultra club ?


The environment inside the club is hot and humid. The efforts you made all evening on the hairdo will slowly fall apart. However, it is less noticeable inside but the selfies taken will look shocking the next morning. So, let your hair loose or a ponytail is fine. Hairspray is also helpful to tame your hair and can keep it in place till you leave the nightclub.


Highlight your features but avoid modifying them like shaping eyebrow with a brow pencil or double lip pout. Use foundation primers to ensure makeup doesn’t fade. Choose the appropriate kind of foundation that suits your skin type. The choice of wrong foundation color-shade can give an impression of wearing a mask. Eye primer extends the eye-shadow lifespan as well as helps color pop up.


Everyone has personal style and taste but know the dress code, which differs in different clubs. Leave heels home, if your ankles ache when you wear them. Wedges are more comfortable than stilettos. In winter choose a cheap coat for nights out rather than the expensive winter-coat.


Avoid valuable jewelry. Long earrings are daytime wear because on the dance floor arms constantly move around and your ear can get ripped. Carry a clutch to hold your cash and mobile.

Always tip the bartender, the coat check staff, and the washroom attendant. If the bar is busy, wait patiently. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable never hesitate to call the security.

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