Bridesmaid dresses – Tips to select for your grand day

A bridesmaid dress is a next thing every people attending the marriage look for. Choosing bridesmaid dresses is always a difficult task depending on budgets, types of body and other preferences. The colour you wish to pick your bridesmaid dress might not be liked by another bridesmaid. Hence it is a very tricky task to choose bridesmaid dresses that suits and liked by another bridesmaid. Sometimes you might not be asked suggestion from the bride. Do not lose hope and try your best to look good on the day of the wedding with this article.

Tips to but bridesmaid dress

Following are some of the suggestions to pick bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming wedding.

  • Think about the budget: There are some maids who take full responsibility and pay for all the wedding accessories. But some might feel uncomfortable with this decision. So try to fix a minimum budget so that you can fulfil both their expectations.
  • Choosing colour: It is very important while choosing the bridesmaid dress as it should suit all the bridesmaids. Try choosing the dress according to the skin complexion, hair colour and getting in line with your wedding dress. Pink shades normally look good on any skin tone like magenta, blush and rose, and fuschia. Choose patterns like floral, striped, or dotted that will look great on them.
  • Deciding style: Do not think about a single style as it will not suit all your maids. Instead try on fusions all together like mermaid dress, with a rectangular silhouette or short dress with inverted triangle figure.
  • Group shopping: Take your maids along with you while shopping bridesmaid dresses. If you find it difficult you can send links you have chosen online to your maids. They can respond and you can still make changes if necessary. But start early to avoid last minute stress and anxiety.

Mental preparations to be followed by bridesmaid

  • Being open-minded: Remember that it is not your wedding. If the bride chooses a dress that you did not like just wear it and show to her. If it is good on you, you can go for it. Else, if it is horrible your bride will understand and move on to the next dress for choosing.
  • Follow the bride’s decision: It is her wedding and she might have dreamt of her wedding since childhood. It is better to leave the choice to her. You can ask suggestions like on which colour she wants to see you and on which material she has decided to see you at her wedding.
  • If it is bad, give constructive criticism: You do not have to put her down with her decision. Instead, convince her by telling why it is not suiting you. After all, she might be your friend or cousin, whoever, she has a better understanding of Make sure you convey your feelings in a positive way.

Through these steps, you can make your friend’s wedding full of fun and excitement. You can reduce the anxiety that makes us paralyzed when preparing for these events.

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