Benefits of Dock Boxes

There are several benefits of the highest quality dock boxes.


The first benefit is that they are built to last. This is because they are constructed with heavy-duty fiberglass. The fiberglass is going to be able to 1 1/2 thicker than the mass produced boxes that you are finding to find at the big box retail stores.


The second benefit is the expert craftsmanship. They have stainless steel gas strings on them that are going to be used as lid lifts. Therefore, you will have an easier time raising the lid and keeping it open. This is especially true if the dock is floating or rocking. They are going to be attached with the marine grade aluminum hinges and stainless steel bolt fasteners. Most of the other companies that sell dock boxes, they are going to have powder coated gas springs at an extra cost. Since the lids are stiffened or reinforced, then it is going to make a great place for you to seat. They are also going to use marine grade materials and components on their dock boxes. This means that no corners are going to be cut.


The third benefit is the intelligent assembly. The lids of the dock boxes are going to be attached with the marine grade aluminum hinges and the thru bolt fasteners for the optimum strength instead of rivets like other people do. Therefore, the rivets are going to loosen up over time.


The fourth benefit is that they are going to be attractive and still be able to have a purpose. It has an integrated foot design that is going to be on the bottom of the box off of the dock. It helps to prevent the growth of any type of mold because your dock boards will be able to stay dry. All of the dock boxes are going to come standard with a marine grade UV gel coat on the inside and outside of the dock boxes. The more mass produced companies that made the dock boxes are going to fill the pigmented resins. This means that they are not going to gel coat the inside of the box. The last thing is the colors that it is going to come in. The two standard colors are going to be snow white or buff, which is an off white. But they do have the ability to match any color that the customer might be looking for.

American made

The fifth benefit is that the dock boxes are going to be made in the United States of America. There are two manufacturing and shipping points that are inside of the United States. This allows the companies to be able to serve the customer base a lot better. Therefore, the shipping costs are going to be a lot less expensive than some of the other stores who might sell the dock boxes that are not made in the United States.


The sixth benefit is the durability of the dock boxes. This means that the dock boxes are going to be able to weather any storm that might come it’s the way. This abusive owners, hail storms, or even a harsh marine environment. This is because of the fiberglass that they are made out of. Therefore, the dock boxes are going to be able to last you a lifetime as long as you keep it protected from the harsh weather. There is still a chance that they will fade and oxidize just like the boat does when it has been exposed to elements of the weather.

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