Are You Going on Holiday? Board Your Dog and Have it Trained

You have decided to take a holiday. However, the place you are visiting will not allow pets. Whilst you are away at your retreat, you can also give your dog a chance to take a holiday too. By leaving it at a boarding facility, it can enjoy exercise and the companionship of other dogs.

Any Dog Can Be Trained

Some of the facilities for dog boarding in Sydney feature exercise areas and housing at guard dog training centres. These centres train guard dogs but can also train your dog as well whilst you are away. Even if your dog is older, it can be trained at one of these boarding sites.

A premium guard dog training compound offers a large landscaped yard that is monitored by video 24/7. Dogs can also run in a larger exercise area or have access to a swimming lake. You can even buy dog accessories at this type of site as well as pamper your canine friend with grooming.

If you do opt for obedience training for your dog, you will create a closer bond with your pet when you return. Dogs can begin training as young as four months and can be any breed. It takes about two weeks to train a dog. Therefore, if you are going on a longer trip, why not have your dog obedience-trained whilst you are gone?

You can use obedience training to correct problem behaviours and show your dog who is the “boss” in your household. Maybe your dog has a problem with aggression. If so, you can have the issue corrected whilst you are on holiday. Other problems that can be minimised or eliminated include digging holes, jumping on people, chasing cats or dogs, or running after motor bikes or cars.

What Breed Is Your Dog?

Trainers at guard dog training centres work with all types of dogs so the owners can reinforce the new behaviour when they pick up the dogs. You can also have the trainers teach your dog to eat only out of its bowl and not take baits from other people. Whilst this training cannot be taught in just two weeks, you can continue to work with your dog upon your return.

As you can see, this type of boarding can prove to be successful in more ways than one. Not only will your dog enjoy socialisation with other humans and animals but it will become a better-behaved animal. The trainer, upon your return, will go over some of the commands and training that the dog has received. You will be briefed about what the dog has learned and how to support its new actions at home.

Some of the Commands

You can be assured that your pet will learn commands in a friendly and peaceful setting. No harsh methods are used to train animals. A programme of training involves teaching the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Drop, or fall to a lie-down position
  • Stay
  • Heel, or walk on the left side of the owner instead of at the front
  • Come or recall
  • No (and when to use the command)

Both you and our dog will learn a lot from this type of training. You will develop a closer relationship with your canine friend that will make your bond stronger than ever.

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