5 Reasons Why Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas Will Pave The Way Forward In 2022

Every year, the last half of the year brings several occasions for collective celebration at the office. There are several festivals and the year ends with parties – and employee gifting is the most exciting aspect. But once the gifts are opened, what happens with the packaging? Corporate gifts are often known to be wasteful, in terms of generating plastic packaging and other material that is simply thrown away.

It naturally follows that sustainable corporate gifting is the need of the hour – and we present 5 great reasons for your company to start doing so:

#1 Reduce your carbon footprint.

You are aware that every person generates a certain carbon footprint, but do you know the numbers? It appears that every city dweller, especially in the developed cities of the world, emit about 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually – that amounts to 28 kg of CO2 per day[1]. This is a significant individual carbon footprint arising out of daily consumption (think shopping, eating, daily activities and even indulging in hobbies), transport (commuting to work and back using public or private transport) and daily living (CO2 generated from using the heating, electricity and gas in the home). A superb environmentally friendly gift for 2022 is an electric or fleet of cars to ferry employees to and from work.

#2 Support companies that produce environmentally friendly gifts.

By making the effort to think up sustainable corporate gifting ideas, you do better for local business and the world in general, by supporting companies that work exclusively in the domain of ecologically sensitive products. By investing in their products to gift your employees and associates, you give their efforts the boost they need to redouble their efforts and increase inventory. The US has a detailed list of companies manufacturing sustainable and ecologically responsible gifts in the Ecolabel Index. Though no such list exists for India, it is worthwhile to compile a list of local producers or vendors who can help you source these gifts for the next office celebration.

#3 Become an advocate for sustainability in the community.

Every business has a larger responsibility towards the community it serves, and it starts from reducing waste. From daily operations to gifting, businesses have a stake in elevating accountable consumption at the community level to help their cities and the nation reach their sustainable development targets. Apart from reducing the business’s own carbon footprint and improving efficiency in the supply chain by eliminating waste, the company must implement processes that protect valuable ecologies and reduce pollution in the regions that they serve. This starts with sustainable corporate gifting ideas that lead to responsible choices in products.

#4 Spearhead the campaign with gifts that mean something.

If your friends and employees often roll their eyes at the idea of ecologically sensitive gifts, then it probably means that they’ve been gifted things they either had no use for, or didn’t see the value of. This year, you can go another way by gifting other tangibles, such as gifting limited time memberships to health clubs, indoor plants, events that create special memories (such as an offsite in an eco-village), or consumables packaged in metal or paper.

#5 Give back to Planet Earth – you only have one!

While reducing waste through thoughtful gifting, your business takes several steps forward in its goal towards an Earth-friendly lifestyle. While doing so, the company makes a statement about its own value system, thus encouraging employees and associates to think about their own gifting choices. We all have just one Earth – let’s do our best to save it.

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