5 Awesome Decoration Ideas for your Decking

If you are already looking forward to next summer and would like to spruce up your deck and make it a warmer and more inviting space, there are many ways that you can do that. In Australia, we love our outdoor living space, which is essentially an extension of the home, and while you may already have stunning furniture, here are a few cost-effective ways to brighten up your terrace.

  1. Rattan Hanging Chair – They don’t just look great; a hanging chair is very comfortable and comes in many styles, allowing you to add a touch of rustic comfort to your deck. The best place to find such an item would be a large outdoor furniture store, where all their products are displayed in an outdoor setting. If your decking leaves a lot to be desired and you’re looking for hardwood decking in Brisbane, check online and you will find a local specialist who has an extensive catalogue of quality hardwood decking, all at affordable prices too!
  2. Bean Bags – Bright colours and tough fabrics allow you to add the ultimate in colourful and comfortable seating, and they are light and easy to move from the lounge to the decking. There are online suppliers of bean bags, which is usually cheaper than buying from traditional retail outlets. There are rugged bean bags that are designed for outdoor use, and a Google search will help you locate a bean bag supplier who would also stock hammocks and hanging chairs.
  3. LED Lighting – As soon as the sun goes down, your exterior lighting is a critical aspect of the ambience, and with adhesive LED strips, you can create a warm, Disney-like ambience. There are many different colours, and low voltage-high output solutions are both economical and eco-friendly and the fittings can be installed by your local electrician who would ensure waterproofing. Hanging lanterns bring a romantic glow to any outdoor area, especially if you have a few trees nearby and along pathways for that mystical effect.
  4. Potted Plants – Large Vases filled with Pampas grass and dried reeds will really add another dimension, and they can be placed in those small spaces near the corners. You could hang a net from the exterior wall and have some creeper plants that will eventually cover the wall, while looking for other small spaces that can be filled with natural greenery.
  5. Stylish Hammock – Of course, you will need ample space at one end of your patio, plus a couple of strong anchor points, and with authentic Balinese hammocks available from the online supplier, shopping couldn’t be easier. The hammock is perhaps the most functional item of all and there’s not a lot that can top a few hours relaxing in a swinging hammock, with your favourite cocktail not far away.

If your decking has seen better days, an online search will help you source a local timber specialist and you can select an elegant finish that will be the foundation of your patio. It doesn’t take a lot to brighten up your outdoor living area, and with so many free resources online, you are not limited with ideas.




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